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Power Point Sharing

Share text, images, graphs, and much more with the help of our Power Point Sharing service. Share your rich and exciting power point online and get immediate visibility among your target audience.


Video Sharing

Our video sharing service allows you to upload high quality videos and establish your presence on all major social platforms that allow video sharing. Video sharing is an easy way to reach out to consumers and have a strong media presence.


Article Submission

We write and submit articles with your website mentioned, to other websites that will promote your articles and fetch you relevant back links. Each time your article is submitted, it adds a new link to your site. Get numerous back links and improve your page rank.


Promotion using Blog

Blogs are highly popular and have huge readership. Our service of promotion of your website using blog is an effective way of reaching out to a large target audience. Get greater popularity, and more visits to your website through optimizing promotion through blogs.


Twitter Updates

We provide unique, innovative Twitter updates regularly to promote your website. Enhance your brand image, engage customers, and drive traffic to your site through Twitter updates. Have a dominating online presence through these updates.


Social Networking Optimization

Optimize your social media presence with our social networking optimization services. We capitalise on the huge traffic that social networking sites can bring and attract new users to increase your sales and enhance your brand image.




Social media sites aren’t intended to be a money making opportunity for users. Instead, they exist to all users to connect and to share content that they think others will like. It is possible to make money indirectly through social media by leveraging social media to help you build a stronger, more successful website or blog. Additionally, you could offer some type of service that relates to social media, such as consulting.


Almost all social media sites allow users to submit their own content. The bigger issue here is the reaction from the audience of the social media site and any unwritten rules that may exist. Digg users, for example, are known for not appreciating self submissions. Stumble Upon users often also look down on someone submitting or giving a thumbs up to their own content. Smaller social media sites, including those that target a specific niche, have audiences that welcome self submissions.


Many SEO experts also offer SMM services, and in most cases it is primarily for the purpose of link building. Search engine rankings are heavily influenced by inbound links, and one of the best ways to build links is to leverage social media.


The amount of traffic you can get is all over the place. You may get nothing, or you may get 100,000 plus visitors. Generally, major social media sites are capable of sending several thousand visitors, while smaller social media sites may send a few hundred or less. While this traffic is significant, it’s not the end of the story. Pages that draw a lot of inbound links are also likely to rank well in search engines, which can lead to tons of on-going traffic as well.


While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of social media sites out there, it’s impossible to use them all. Generally, it’s more effective to use a small number (we recommend 2 to 5) actively, we will have accounts at other sites that we use occasionally. Because part of being a successful social media user involves building a profile and a reputation at the site, it is much more realistic to achieve this when we are using a small number of sites consistently.

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